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Benefits of Timely Residential Roof Repair 

Oct 7


When old roofing fails, it creates an immediate and urgent need. However, investing in a professional roof replacement pays dividends after the crisis has been resolved.

You are concerned about your roof's safety, durability, and long-term function. It is a bad idea to wait too long before re-roofing.

These are seven long-term benefits homeowners should know about when replacing their roofs.


1. Roof Repair Costs and Needs can be Reduced

The likelihood of a roof leaking gradually increases as shingles age. New roofing has a lower chance of leaking. It's that simple.

The maintenance costs associated with roof repairs eventually become too costly, and it is not worth the risk of delaying roof replacement. You will likely be better off investing in a new roofing system if you need to have your roof repaired two, three or more times per year.

Higher-quality roofing materials will require less maintenance over time. For example, high-quality, dimensional roofing shingles are more expensive upfront but last longer and need fewer repairs throughout their life.

No matter what material you choose, new roofing will require less maintenance than older roofing.


2. You can avoid water damage to your home's interior

You must also prevent water damage to your interior, as well as damage to the roofing.

Water damage to interior walls can cause damage to drywall ceilings, walls, hardwood floors, electronics, carpeting, couches, and other damages. In the wake of a roof leak, it is possible to spend thousands on interior repairs.

It is better to reduce the chance of this happening by installing a brand-new roof!


3. You have the chance to improve your roof "below the Shingles".

You can also open the roof to see what is underneath. The damaged plywood roof deck pieces can be removed and replaced. Quality underlayment can also be installed.

Rochester residential roofers will last many years with a secondary water barrier and a well-maintained roof deck.


4. Increased energy efficiency

Old roofing is more efficient than new roofing. Remember that the roof is where most heat escapes from your house. Your roof is crucial for insulation and ventilation.

You can save money monthly by pairing your roof with more or better attic insulation, radiant barriers below the roof deck, roof fans and vents, and solar panels on the top.


5. Home and Liability Insurance Benefits

Roof replacement has many long-term benefits that you might not be aware of. New roofing is safer and less likely than old roofing to cause an accident. This makes it less likely that you will be liable.

Homeowners insurance may not offer roofing coverage if your roof is beyond a certain age, exceeds its manufacturer's warranty limit or is in poor condition. You may be able to get cheaper or better coverage with new roofing, depending on the rules of your insurance company.


6. Longer Durability, Less Stress!

A new roof will last longer than an old one, and it might be better built than the current roofing material.

This means you won't need to worry about roof replacement for quite some time. It also means you won't need to worry about your roof holding up against the next major Florida storm.


7. You get a higher resale value for your home

Roof replacement has a long-term advantage in significantly increasing your home's value. If you do ever want to sell your house, it will be easier and faster to replace the roof. It also generally results in a higher selling price.

For a free consultation, learn more about how to take care of your roof or when it might be time for you to replace it.