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5 Inch vs 6 Inch Gutters - What's The Difference & Benefits?

Jul 28

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The benefits and differences between 5 inches and 6 inches gutters

Our home is a great investment that we can benefit from for long years. But in order to become an investment, we need to maintain its good condition and make sure that every part of it is functioning the way it should be. We may spend a bit on its maintenance, but when it is time for you to sell it. you will have a great return on investment. And not to mention the comfort that you and your family have with it.

Part of its maintenance is exterior remodeling because that is one of the parts of the house that protect us from any weather and many elements outside like dust and other things. Siding and gutter are one of those. We need to ensure that our siding is not rotten or in bad shape because it serves as our insulation to give us a good room temperature inside the house.



It is important to have the appropriate size of a gutter in our house because it is the one that manages the flow of water from the rain into the downspouts. Having no gutter system will make the rainwater flow anywhere from the roof to the sidings, and the roof will have plenty of debris, just like leaves which can cause stagnant water and ruin its roofing system.

There are different gutter sizes to choose from, and the main common options are 5, 6, and 7 inches. And most homeowners got 5 or 6 inches gutter.

The 5 inches gutter is the smallest size that every standard resident has. It is not likely to be noticed, which is why some homeowners choose this. But this type is likely to have draining issues, especially if the roofs are steep. While the 6 inches gutter is a great option to choose for both homes and commercial establishments because it holds more water and carries it effectively to the downspouts so it won’t pour into the sidings and the house foundations. This is the reason why most people consider it a long-term investment and solution.

But we have to keep in mind that no matter what size your gutter will be if you don’t have regular and proper maintenance, it will still have draining issues, and it will still have a short lifespan than those who takes care of it regularly.